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Timing Belt Repair - Westminster CO, Denver

At some point your rubber timing belts will deteriorate and snap into two or sometimes the belt teeth break off. It's going to happen.


The key is to get your timing belts replaced before they break, because if one breaks, your engine will not work, and that means you have more trouble, including potentially expensive vehicle repair and possibly an inconvenient tow.


If the timing belt breaks on a free-running engine, the engine stops, but most of the time no mechanical damage occurs. After a tow and a new belt, you'll be back on the road again.


But if you have an interference engine and your timing belt breaks, often severe mechanical engine damage will occur. Sometimes your engine will even need to be replaced and we know you don't want to hear that. Ignoring a scheduled timing belt replacement is not worth this expensive hassle.


So bring your car, truck, or SUV into All Around Auto Care to get your timing belt checked or replaced.


We know a proper maintenance schedule requires belt replacement at regular intervals, hopefully before they break.The belt is not visible (they are on the front of the engine protected by a plastic or metal cover), so it needs to be checked at the recommended time or mileage. We can do that for you.


If your car or truck needs other maintenance, we can check the timing belt at the same time. If you don't know when the scheduled maintenance on your timing belt is due, we can tell you.


Timing belts are important so your engine can continue running smoothly, and that's what it is all about.


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testimonials I had a great experience. The offices were clean, great customer service, they even gave me a ride home and offered to pick me up when my car was finished.


– Lysia R.