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Shock Absorber, Strut Repairs - Westminster CO, Denver

Is your car or truck is ten years old or older? Does it have close to fifty thousand miles on it?


Then you probably need the shocks and struts replaced. Is your vehicle often overloaded? Then you will need your shocks replaced more frequently. This is often the case with construction or ranch trucks.


To help absorb the bouncing of the springs caused by going over the bumps and dips in the road, shocks or struts stop the springs from oscillating, and bring the car back to stability as soon as possible. This is important because when your shocks and struts are worn out, it can be a very rough ride. When this happens your steering and braking are compromised, and your tires will wear down more quickly.


All Around Auto Care technicians can repair your shocks and struts so the smooth, safe ride you love, returns. Replacement of your shocks and struts will also prevent other problems, like having to buy new tires.


When it's time to get new shocks and struts you will notice braking instability, steering will be more difficult, the vehicle's ride will be rough, and your tires will be worn. You want good shocks and struts because they help you stay in control on the road and that's very important.


You can tell your shocks and struts need to be replaced when they are:

Bring your vehicle in to All Around Auto Care for a shocks and struts check. If you need them replaced, we can easily do that for you. With new shocks and struts, you will notice a huge difference and feel more confident driving.


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testimonials The staff took care of my car, and went the extra mile to walk me out to check on one last thing, as well as help me figure out what was involved with future planned maintenance. I will continue to take my car back with any questions I have. Thanks again to the wonderful, friendly staff!


– Susana G.