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Muffler & Exhaust Systems - Westminster CO, Denver

When you can hear your vehicle coming from a block away, you need to have your muffler checked.


Mufflers are designed to keep your vehicle quiet, but they get rusted and corroded, which can make your vehicle loud and annoying. This sometimes even results in a costly noise violation and nasty looks from your neighbors.


But if you bring your car or truck to All Around Auto Care in Westminster, we can fix it. No problem.


We can service your vehicle with a basic exhaust system overhaul or muffler replacement. If your catalytic converter is having troubles, we can fix it.


Seriously, you need to get your muffled fixed. Your neighbors will thank you.


We take care of your muffler repair, exhaust repair, and muffler replacement. We even provide high-end performance exhaust work. We these services and more, including:


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testimonials The staff took care of my car, and went the extra mile to walk me out to check on one last thing, as well as help me figure out what was involved with future planned maintenance. I will continue to take my car back with any questions I have. Thanks again to the wonderful, friendly staff!


– Susana G.