All Around Auto Care Westminster engine repair

Engine Problem Diagnosis, Westminster CO, Denver

All Around Auto Care, Westminster Colorado


Engine Problem Diagnosis, Westminster CO, Denver

Pay attention if your check engine light goes on. It's letting you know that there may be engine problems.


Bring your car, truck or SUV to All Around Auto Care where we will access the fault code signaled by the light, to identify the engine problem. Then we will take care of it, and let you get on with what you were doing.


We understand car engine repair, and we know good maintenance is always important for the smooth running of your vehicle.


If your check engine repair light is on, don't wait. We can figure out what is wrong, because our experienced ASE certified technicians can determine the problem and fix it.



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testimonials The staff took care of my car, and went the extra mile to walk me out to check on one last thing, as well as help me figure out what was involved with future planned maintenance. I will continue to take my car back with any questions I have. Thanks again to the wonderful, friendly staff!


– Susana G.