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Brake Repair ABS - Westminster CO, Denver

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Brake Repair ABS - Westminster CO, Denver

When you need to stop, you need your brakes.


Brake failure can be a very scary and dangerous situation. If your brakes aren't working right, you're in trouble. You can risk losing control of your vehicle, have a potentially serious accident, and cause injury and property damage. All of these are preventable.


Do a brake check. Let All Around Auto Care in Westminster make sure your brakes are working when you need them. If your brakes are failing, we fix them or replacement them, and get you back on the road knowing you can stop when you need to.


Our facility can machine rotors and drums, replace your brake pads and perform complete antilock brake systems diagnosis and repair. We can do it all, including:


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testimonials I had a great experience. The offices were clean, great customer service, they even gave me a ride home and offered to pick me up when my car was finished.


– Lysia R.